How to Keep Your Car Organized

keep your car organized

Everyone has been in a friend’s car that just has stuff strewn about everywhere. Don’t be that friend. While it can be difficult to find the time and energy to keep your car clean, it makes a big difference. Here are a few simple tips to keep your car organized.

Don’t Put It Off

When you see trash, clothes, or anything else sitting around in your car, it can be tempting to leave it until the next time you’re in the car. However, you have to train yourself to pick it up at that moment. Otherwise, it’s going to continue to sit.

Get Creative

There are loads of things sitting around the house that can be used to help yourself get organized in your car. One example would be to put collapsible bins in your trunk so that you can divide everything into separate categories. Another simple idea is to use a folder system in your glove box so that you don’t have a mess of papers all the time.

Getting organized can take a lot of effort for some people. If you aren’t someone who naturally enjoys being organized, it takes a concentrated effort to get into that habit.

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