How to Fix a Dent in Your Car

how to fix a dent in your car

It happens to everyone. Whether or not it’s your fault, you will have a dent in your car at some point in your life. While you could take it to a shop to have it fixed, there’s no reason to spend extra money when it’s such a simple fix. Here’s how to fix a minor dent in your car.

If the dent is fairly shallow, the first step to take is to get out the hair dryer. Keep the hair dryer at least 6 inches away from the car and warm up the area around the dent to make it malleable. Once you have the area warmed up, place something cold (ice, for example) on the area. The hot/cold contrast will cause the dent to pop out.

Another simple solution that works on smaller dents is the suction cup method. If all you have is a toilet plunger, then that will work. Place the suction cup over the dent, and then pull the dent out.

If the dent is deeper or more serious, it may be best to take it into a shop to be fixed by a professional. However, for a simple DIY solution for a small dent, these get the job done.

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