Mazda’s Diesel Sedan Delayed

Mazda’s Diesel Sedan

Here in the United States, we’ve been hearing rumors of a diesel-powered sedan since 2013. Word had it that the Mazda6 would feature the diesel engine, but with recent events, that could be off the table entirely. While Mazda hasn’t entirely pulled the idea, Mazda’s diesel sedan won’t be arriving anytime soon.

The rumored diesel engine has been pushed back thanks in part to certification delays but that isn’t the only cause. Following Volkswagen’s diesel cheating scandal, public opinion of diesel engines has faltered. With a shaky future on the horizon, it may be too much of a risk for Mazda, a smaller automaker, to release a diesel engine.

On top of that, North American CEO Masahiro Moro claimed that, to meet emissions standards, Mazda would have to dramatically reduce the engine’s power. The company as a whole wasn’t satisfied with the outcome, meaning the engine would be far too weak for their liking.

There’s still some hope though. Mazda is keeping a close eye on the United States automotive market. When the time is right, odds are we’ll see a diesel engine available to the public.

We here at Mazda of Lake Charles are hoping to see a diesel engine in the near future!  Tell us if you would be interested in seeing a Mazda diesel engine!

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