Mazda to Help Sponsor the Touge California Road Rally

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1990 Mazda Miata

For generations, Japanese-based automotive company Mazda has been producing some of the most advanced vehicles in the industry. While Mazda is always looking ahead to the next new technology or achievement, the brand never forgets its history. Recently, Mazda found a perfect way to celebrate that heritage by helping sponsor the Touge California road rally.

Hosted in part by the automotive magazine Japanese Nostalgic Car, Touge California is the only all-Japanese vintage car road rally in North America. Of the vehicles included in the rally, 11 of them are Mazda vehicles. With only 28 vehicles included in the car road rally, Mazda accounts for nearly 40% of the total vehicles on the list to go.

“We are proud to have Mazda, a company that understands the importance of heritage and motoring thrills, as a partner for our Touge California rally,” said Ben Hsu, editor-in-chief of Japanese Nostalgic Car. Furthermore, he states that “As 70 percent of Japan’s terrain is mountainous, our goal with Touge California is to give owners of Japanese cars the experience of driving on roads similar to those on which their cars were born.”

While planning toward its future, Mazda never forgets to honor its past!  Stop by Mazda of Lake Charles to talk to us about the history of Mazda or to see the future with the latest Mazda lineup.

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