In the Race for Autonomous Vehicles, Mazda is Sitting This One Out.

Pleasant Drive through the Country

Nowadays it seems that all automakers can talk about is the race to create autonomous vehicles.  The idea that a car will drive itself seems to be a luxury that we can afford and makes us feel part of the future.  So, in a world of automakers where all the big names like Ford, Nissan, and even other brands outside the automotive world like Google are fighting to be the first to create it, why is Mazda sitting this one out?

The answer is, Mazda isn’t creating vehicles for the convenience of the driver, or to get a driver from point A to point B; Mazda is creating cars that enhance the experience of driving and give people a feeling of freedom when they drive!  If cars drive themselves, we lose that freedom that we have gained by creating the vehicle in the first place.

So with all the other brands racing to win big with cars that drive themselves, Mazda is working to perfect the driving experience as a whole.  With Mazda’s completely reinvented engine that gets better gas mileage than ever before, and the smooth relaxing ride of their vehicle, this auto brand is trying to reinvent the way people feel about driving, as opposed to changing the way people drive.

Tell us what you think at Mazda of Lake Charles.  Do you think Mazda is on to something with reinventing the way vehicles drive?  Instead of making vehicles drive themselves?  Or are you looking forward to not having to drive your next vehicle?

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