Check Out These Creepy Places near Lake Charles

Haunted graveyard

With Halloween just around the corner, it is the perfect time of year to get spooked. If you love searching out some truly frightening experiences, then be sure to check out these creepy places near Lake Charles.

  • Calcasieu Courthouse. Right here in Lake Charles, the courthouse is said to be haunted by the ghost of Toni Jo McQuiston, the only women to die in Louisiana’s electric chair. People claim to hear her whisper or scream and sometimes smell her perfume or hear her footsteps throughout the building.
  • Big Woods Cemetery. This cemetery located in nearby Vinton can be a pretty terrifying site. People frequently report ghost sighting, have a feeling of being watched, experience electric interference, and see mysterious shadows.
  • Rice Theatre. Head east to Crowley for a visit to Rice Theatre. The freight elevator in this 1920s theater is said to frequently run on its own. People have also reported shadows, footsteps, and disembodied voices.
  • New Orleans. If you’re heading to New Orleans, there are numerous haunted locales to visit, including St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, Arnaud’s Restaurant, and LaLaurie Mansion.

What is your favorite haunted destination here in Louisiana?  Tell us in the comments below or contact us as Mazda of Lake Charles!

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