New Mazda Concept Car Based Upon Previous Mazda RX models?

Mazda Concept CarMazda is releasing a new concept sports car at Tokyo’s Auto show later this month.  With the small bit of information released about it, there is speculation that this sports car could be reminiscent of previous Mazda RX models.

The only information we have regarding this new concept car is a sleek picture of a sports car (we hope!) with a long hood and rounded fastback.  This photo has led some to believe it will be based upon the famed Mazda RX-7 or RX-8 models.  The RX models were popular up through the 90’s and although they are considered a great, classic sports car, they were discontinued due to some mechanical issues in the rotary that had not been resolved in the retired models.  So speculation about this new model being an RX model may be put aside if the issues in the rotary (the R in RX) have not been fixed.

So the questions is, will this new concept model be an RX model with a newly revamped rotary system that eliminated the flaws of the old, or will this model be a whole new sports car drawing on design inspiration from one of Mazda favorite classic sports car? Be sure to tell us what you think here at Mazda of Lake Charles this new Mazda will be inspired by the old RX series.

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