Mazda3 Named the “Best Cars for Dog Lovers”

puppy in car

Dogs get everybody smiling. They’re enthusiastic, energetic, and animated. In this regard, they’re similar to Mazda’s ever-popular Mazda3. Recently, the connection between dogs and Mazda’s signature sedan got even stronger when the Mazda3 was named the “Best Cars for Dog Lovers”.  So, what makes a vehicle a good fit for a dog?

Autotrader issued the title to a select number of vehicles that possessed dog-friendly features. The Mazda3 led the pack—no pun intended. Among the features for four-legged friends are flat-folding rear seats and a cabin to roam around in. Other features include underfloor storage and a rear liftgate.

The award is Mazda3’s sixteenth award in the last eight months. All those prestigious awards make it one of the most prestigious cars on the road.  In addition to having pet-friendly vehicles, Mazda Motorsports also actively supports and promotes animal adoptions from shelters.

The Mazda3 is the perfect car for you and your canine companion. It has the features they like, with the performance you’ve come to trust. When it comes to outdoing the completion, the Mazda3’s bark matches its bite!  So the question is, are you going to get a vehicle that was made for you and your best friend? Tell us at Mazda of Lake Charles in the comments!

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