June Is National Adopt-A-Cat Month

Kitty Cat Present

With kitten season in full swing, animal shelters across the country have become inundated with thousands of new kittens this summer, like every year around this time. That is why June is recognized as Adopt-A-Cat Month. If you’ve been considering adding a new furry friend to your family, visit your local shelter or use sites like Petfinder to find the perfect addition to your family.

If you would like to adopt a cat but can’t because of allergies or housing restrictions, then there are other ways you can still help out! Here are some great ways to support animals in need:

  • Spread the word. Let all your friends know it’s Adopt-A-Cat Month. Share a message on Facebook or Twitter to let your followers know.
  • Make a donation. Talk with your local animal shelter to see what they need. You can even make a cash donation.
  • Volunteer. Ask your local animal shelter how you can help and volunteer your time. Perhaps you can take pictures of all the adorable cats they have on hand and upload them to Petfinder!
  • Encourage others. If you have friends, family or coworkers that are considering adopting a new pet, help them with the process. And, in the words of Bob Barker, be sure to spay and neuter your pets.

With this list of ways to help out the cats in your area, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t lend a helping hand!  Share with us at Mazda of Lake Charles what you are doing to help your cat community!

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