Bike By Kodo Concept Allows Mazda To Hone Their Design Chops


How do Mazda designers keep themselves fresh? When they are not designing vehicles, they try their hand at designing things other than cars, like couches and bicycles.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense that Mazda might play their hand at furniture-making. After all, a huge part of motor vehicle design involves creating a comfortable and welcoming interior.

Mazda enlisted the help of Italian furniture-makers to craft the “Sofa by KODO Concept.” The black leather couch “evokes the strong stance common to all Mazda’s new-generation vehicles,” according to a press release from the automaker.  Who would’ve thought a couch could be so much like a vehicle?

The “Bike by Kodo Concept”, on the other hand, is a bicycle built for the track. Mazda chose a minimalist design, with as few parts as possible. The entire frame is bent from a single sheet of steel. The simplicity of the design is beautiful and striking.  This we might be able to see a bit more of a comparison to a vehicle.

Both the bike and the sofa were designed according to Mazda’s distinct design philosophy, called KODO or “Soul of Motion.”  What do you think of the Mazda Company attempting to build something other than vehicles?  Be sure to tell us at Mazda of Lake Charles your opinion!

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