Say Aarrggh! at the Contraband Days Louisiana Pirate Festival

Boat on the waterThere are always a lot of festivals to look forward to at the end of April, but if there’s one we’re anticipating more than any other at Mazda of Lake Charles, it’s got to be the Contraband Days Louisiana Pirate Festival!

The event will be held from April 28 to May 10 and celebrate the legend of Pirate Jean Lafitte, who is supposed to have docked his boat on the shores of Lake Charles and buried his treasure somewhere along its banks.

On the first night of the festival, cannons will be fired and the mayor will be put on trial and forced to walk the plank! On the last day, Lake Charles will be lit up by a breathtaking fireworks display for all to see.

During the two-week period in between, pirates of all ages are encouraged to come say aarrggh! And enjoy the carnival rides, games, entertainment, and live music. There will be non-stop music events and activities for the whole family!  Don’t forget to also stop by the festival to see the Parade, the fireworks show, and some friendly competition such as the speedboat and crawfish races!

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