A Whole New Dimension: Mazda 3D Ads

Mazda 3D AdsInnovation is all about looking at old things in new ways. Take the classic internet banner, for instance. The Wall Street Journal reports that “consumers seldom click banner ads that appear online, and research suggests they rarely look at them.” Mazda is looking at banners in a new way so that consumers can see them in a new way too!


What would happen if you added an extra dimension to the old-school internet banner?  Mazda believes you would have good things, very good things.


The Japanese automaker has teamed up with Cxense to use the company’s 3D technology to create exciting new 3D banners. The ads pop out at the user when the user scrolls over them.


This new approach was seen as a way to meet the very peculiar challenge that this kind of advertising presents. The goal is to capture a person’s attention without being disruptive or annoying. That just turns people off.


The campaign debuted in Norway. From the results we are seeing, so far, so good. As of January 21st, the Mazda 3D ads had been up for four days and they were getting about 4 times as many clicks as normal banners.


Have you seen these ads in action? Let us know at Mazda of Lake Charles in our comment section!

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