Mazda3 Earns Best-In-Class from Kiplinger Best Value Awards

2014 Mazda3
2014 Mazda3

Among the countless car models on the market for 2015, the Mazda3 i Sport was honored by the Kiplinger Best Value Awards as Best-in-Class for overall value in vehicles under $20,000.

Kiplinger Personal Finance determines the value of vehicles by using a system that takes into account performance, safety, fuel efficiency, resale value, and overall driving experience in addition to the selling price of the vehicle.

The 2015 Mazda3 i Sport offers Mazda’s innovative SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, advanced safety technology including Blind Spot Monitoring System, 40 highway miles to the gallon, a 55% resale value after three years, and that sporty driving feel we’ve come to know and love.

The Mazda3 four-door hatchback with manual transmission is priced at $19,765

Kiplinger editors said of the award-winner:

“The Mazda3 might be small in stature, but it packs a punch in value. The winner of last year’s Best New Car Award in [the Cars under $20,000] category sports above-average resale values, impressive fuel economy and loads of cargo space, whether you choose the sedan or hatchback.”

The Mazda3 is featured in Kiplinger’s March issue of “Deals on New Wheels.” Of course, you can also stop in and talk to us here at Mazda of Lake Charles

for more information on the value packed inside the 2015 Mazda3.

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