2015 Japan Car of the Year Goes to the Mazda Demio

The Mazda Demio—what we like to call the Mazda 2—has just garnered a prestigious award in Japan. The Demio was bestowed the 2015 Japan Car of the Year award.

2015 Japan Car of the Year


Don’t count on Mazda resting on its laurels after this one. Mazda’s Representative Director, President and CEO, Masamichi Kogai said, “Inspired by this award, we will continue our quest to build cars that add a certain sparkle to the lives of their owners, and aim to become a one-and-only brand chosen by customers again and again,” according to a press release.

There’s no doubt Mazda’s SKYACTIV technology contributes generously this “one-and-only” allure which Kogai alludes to. It certainly does when it comes to the Demio (Mazda2), which features the the recently-developed SKYACTIV-D 1.5-liter I-4 powertrain.

You can’t ignore the ergonomics of the Demio’s interior either. This is often an overlooked feature in vehicles because it’s hard to appreciate until you’ve driven a vehicle over time. The Demio was designed with an “ideal driving position and pedal layout…a Human Machine Interface that prioritizes safety.”

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