Redesigned Mazda 2 Reveals a Style Based on Huzami Concept

Here in the United States, despite changing customer priorities, segments like crossovers and pickup trucks remain big sellers. However, around much of the globe, the subcompact or “supermini” segment is actually the best-selling platform. Therefore, the new 2015 Mazda 2, is extremely important all over the world.

Fortunately for all the loyal Mazda customers out there, this new Mazda model will be a great one. It has styling based on the popular Huzami Concept and will include the full suite of SkyActiv technologies exclusive to the Mazda brand. The new Mazda 2 will be the fourth vehicle to be included under the SkyActiv name. It will comprise of great powertrain options, a new chassis, and the special SkyActiv body construction, among many other great features.

The Japanese market will be the first to receive the redesigned Mazda 2, and it will also be produced in Japan at a plant in Hofu, which is close to Hiroshima. We at Mazda of Lake Charles are jealous of those Japanese car buyers—they’ll get to see the Huzami-influenced vehicle before anyone else.

2013 Mazda2
2013 Mazda2

To learn more about the current Mazda lineup, the upcoming Mazda 2 itself, or its Huzami influences, come see us at Lake Charles. We’ll show you our other SkyActiv models to give you some insight into the brand.

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